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wifi on boardWi-fi and Internet (topic 9 of 10)

I cannot stress enough the value to your body, mind and soul of an “unplugged” vacation.

However, many of us have to deal with reality and the kids/pets/family/others left onshore when we cruise, and the desire, no, NEED, to stay in touch.  So, a common question in cruise ship travel is “what are internet costs on a cruise ship?”  Or, “Can I get wifi/internet on a cruise?”  The quick answer is “it costs”, and “yes, for most cruise ships”.

First, realize that you are in the middle of the ocean, or far removed from most land towers, and oh yeah, on a ship!  So let’s set expectations:

  •  Do not expect the speed/bandwidth to be as good as it is on land
  • The quality and speed of service will vary from ship to ship and also depends on where you are (in the world).
  • Of course the costs will be more expensive than you pay on land.

money saving ideaTips & Tricks: 

  • Make your browser lean – adjust your browser settings to “low graphics” or “no graphics” if you can, this will enable faster browsing.
  • Have bookmarks or saved links of any sites you may need to get to.  This avoids wasted time and costs of searching online to find a link.
  • Make sure you have the passwords and logins you will need, e.g. to your webmail accounts.  Practice getting to your webmail while on land so it will be smooth and efficient while at sea.
  • Be aware of quiet or signal-dead zones on the ship – see your particular cruise line and ship for details on where these are located on the ship.  Conversely, some ships have designated hot spots that are best (or only) choices for connectivity.
  • Consider planning ahead and using internet cafes at ports of call, they will usually cost less than on board.