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dance show on boardActivities on board (topic 10 of 10)


There are numerous activities on board a cruise ship, and best of all, most of them are included in your cruise fare!  You should really carve out some time to enjoy some of the top-notch activities such as comedy shows, musical performances, talent shows and so on.


money saving ideaTips & Tricks: 

  •  Do some advance research on the Cruiseline’s web site on what types of shows and activities to expect.  Keep in mind most of them are “free” – or actually included in your cruise fare cost.
  • The best thing is to take 5-10 minutes each night during the cruise to look over the daily activities letter/pamphlet that is delivered to your room each evening.  This letter tells you all the activities and times for the following day.  Spend a few minutes with the others in your party to roughly plan what you want to do the following day.
    I say roughly, because remember, you are on vacation, so you do not have to have a minute-by-minute strict agenda, just relax, enjoy and try to catch the activities that interest you!  You can always split your party into like-minded sections to enjoy items of similar interest.
  • One final thing, remember most of the “free” contest prizes and giveaways require you to be present to win, so accommodate for that in your schedule if you enter any of these.