Bill Labbon - Expedia Cruise Ship Centers Travel/Cruise Agent

This is me

Welcome! … Bienvenidos …  Bienvenue … Willkommen … Benvenuti … Ngiyanemukela 

Okay, you got me, I totally threw in the Zulu at the end for grins 🙂

I am a father, blogger, travel agent, cruise consultant (with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers) and a passionate traveler who loves to travel and be involved in the “subject matter” of travel. I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the United States (including Alaska – I highly recommend it!), Europe and the Caribbean.

Top Reasons you want to use me as your travel agent:

  1. I am a travel agent with a customer/traveler’s point of view.  Because I love travel myself and because I am very customer-centric by nature, I always strive to “put myself in your shoes” and do what’s right by you and for you.
  2. I do not sell anything on fear.  A trip, especially for pleasure (vacation), should be fun from the very first minute of planning all the way to the end.  Have fun picking and going on your vacation, leave the details of the planning to me!  (And yes, I do offer travel insurance to everyone, and I do buy travel insurance for myself on my vacations).
  3. I am tech-savvy and detail-oriented.  This helps whether you are like this (like to keep in touch with email, text etc) but especially if you’re not. Let me sort through all the “online-this” and “internet-that” in the world of travel and travel suppliers for you!
  4. This is not my job.  Seriously.  This is my passion-turned-hobby, with a little income involved to help pay the bills 😉

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the articles and checking out the pictures on my blog.  My hope is that it helps you

  • become a more educated traveler
  • be able to enjoy your trip even more
  • perhaps most importantly, save you some money while doing so!

Drop me a line anytime… and if you are interested in planning a dream vacation, please contact me. I would love to earn your business, share your stories and maybe even make a new friend.  If you are not already on my contact list, please sign up by entering for a chance to win a FREE Caribbean cruise (with airfare) for 2!  “How”, you ask?

Go to my website and click on the “Enter to win a free Caribbean Cruise…” graphic on the home page.

Thanks, and Happy Travels!
Bill Labbon.

Email: blabbon@cruiseshipcenters.com

Website: http://www.cruiseshipcenters.com/billlabbon


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